About application & Exhibit fee




We stopped accepting application of MECT2015 because there is no more place available.
Thank you very much for your understanding.

We are not able to accept applications even posting and postmark is prior to January 13th, 2015, if in the case that the application sheet dose not arrived the MECT office yet.

Guide to exhibit

Click this button to download an information PDF regarding exhibiting.

About application

Dead line for application

We may stop accepting applications early, If the exhibitor slots are filled before the above mentioned deadline.

Application schedule

How to apply

Please fill in the blank of Application Form (attached in the guide to exhibit or download from web site) and send to MECT office below. Please make sure to put the authorized signature and the business card of person in charge.

Delivery address

3-5-3, Uchiyama, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, 464-0075, JAPAN

MECT Office News Digest Publishing Co., Ltd

※Please do not forget to make a copy of application and send us original form.

Click this button to download the “Application Form”.


Metal cutting machine/ Metal forming machine/ Machine Accessary/ Precision measuring instruments, Testing machine/ Machinery tool/ Cutting tool/ Abrasive wheel, Abrasive/ Cutting blade/Hydraulic pressure, Air pressure, Water hydraulic equipment/ Gear, Gear device/ Environmental equipment/ CAD, CAM, CAE/ Industrial robot/ Carrier machine/ Control device and related software/ Washing equipment/ Quality control, Security, Testing/ New material/ Micro-machine, Nanotechnology etc…

About exhibition fee

Basic booth Exhibit fee
1 booth (3m X 3m) JPY260,000

Exhibitors are responsible for payment of the bank transfer fee.

※We have a special discount for exhibitors who purchase more than 10 booths plan as following.

10~19 booths 5% of discount from exhibition fee
20~39 booths 10% of discount from exhibition fee
more than 40 booths 15% of discount from exhibition fee

Exhibit include the following

  1. Space during move-in, move-out and exhibition period.
  2. Wall panels
    If booths are built side by side, organizer will offer wall panel for exhibitors as necessary (we will not set the wall paper on aisle). However, your space will be small only because of the wall.
  3. Exhibitor’s pass (available between October 21th to 24th ) ※The number of passes is decided by the number of booth.
  4. Invitation tickets
    ※The number of ticket is decided by the number of booths
  5. Updating your information on our exhibitor’s list and official website.

For extra fee

  1. Electrical construction (including electricity charges),water supply, drainage, compressed air,broadband, floor repair (due to oil leakage, etc.).
  2. Use of meeting rooms and stockrooms.
  3. Rental equipment e.g. desks and chairs.
  4. Other pay-service offered by organizer.

After applying

Payment method

Upon receipt of the application, MECT Office will send an invoice to exhibitor. The payment shall be made within one month after receipt of the invoice through a telegraphic transfer to the following account (cash or check payments are unacceptable). ※ However, if you apply in April 2015, payment deadline must be at the end of the month (less than a month). The transfer payment receipt is considered the formal receipt slip evidencing the payment for exhibit rental charge and shall be retained by exhibitor. Exhibitors are responsible for payment of the bank transfer fee.

Bank account
SWIFT code
Bank Account No.
Bank name
Bank address
Account holder’s name
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd., Higashi Branch
15-30, Tokugawa 1-chome, Higashi-ku, Nagoya, Japan

For cancellation or reduction of space

If you want to cancel or reduce the space, please contact to MECT office in writting ASAP. Cancellation fee will be charged after application deadline (April 30th, 2015). For more detail, please see the following. 
※Exhibitors are responsible for payment of the bank transfer fee. 

Decision of place of booth

Organizer will decide on the allocation of the of the exhibition space. Exhibitor cannot decide the place. Floor plans will be notified on middle of June 2015 at orientation for exhibitors.

Caution for exhibit

About registration for visitors

Registration is not required for visitors at MECT because of following reasons ―

to ease the congestion at the entrance hall,
to offer the equal service to everyone regardless of his/ her field andtitle,
to observe Personal Information Protection Law.

Cancelation of event due to natural disaster

The organizer may change the dates of the event or cancel due to any cause not attributable to its fault including natural disasters. The organizer will refund the exhibition fee after deducting the cost occurred by the decision was made. The organizer shall not be liable for any resultant loss which may be incurred by the exhibitor because of such cancellation.

About decoration and height limitation

Please observe the height limitation 2.7m for your own booth decoration. The move or remove of panel is prohibited.

About demonstration

The exhibitor must assure the security while demonstration. The organizer will not take a responsibility for the accident occurred by demonstration. The organizer may order to prohibit the demonstrate which is judged.

Security of exhibits

The organizer will make a great effort for management and conservation of the venue by bringing security guards. However, the organizer shall not be liable for any damages by natural disaster , inevitable accidents, property loss and theft.

※To be able to enjoy the MECT 2015 website fully, we recommend using one of the following web browsers ; Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer (ver 8 or above).