Concept Zone

Now is the time that private companies can join the space business easily. To success in this field, it is important to have technologies how to make rockets and satellites lighter and smaller. “Space” is the new business field that Japanese companies can play an important role with their skills; “miniaturization and weight saving”, “high accuracy” and “low cost”. New manufacturing technologies for new business will be shown at the venue.

The space venture company “Astroscale” plans to launch “IDEA OSG1” – the satellite that will observe small sized space debris - until the beginning of next year. You will see the real machining process of an adapter (coupling parts of the satellite and the rocket) with 5 axis machining center. The latest manufacturing technology will be revealed at the venue.

Space related products represent 30% sales revenue of “Yuki Precision” which is one of the small companies in Kanagawa prefecture. How can they handle the space related business with just 33 employees? You will see the real machining process of an injector of rocket engine (thruster) –specially designed for MECT- with multitasking machine.

The introduction of space related
companies and works will display in the
concept zone.



1号館コンセプトゾーン内で特別セミナーを開催 1号館コンセプトゾーン内で特別セミナーを開催

On 20th (Fri.), a seminar will be held by “HAKUTO”, - only one Lunar exploration team in Japan” as well as talk session of 2 companies that manufacture space related products.

※The speakers and the programs are subject to change and canceled without notice.

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