MECT2019 Final Report

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Number of Registered Visitors

MECT2019 Number of Registered Visitors

Day Weather Domestics Overseas Total Number of Visitors
Oct. 23rd Wed. Clear 15,863 387 16,250
Oct. 24th Thu. Cloudy, rain later 19,705 243 19,948
Oct. 25th Fri. Rain 26,202 451 26,653
Oct. 26th Sat. Clear 27,217 176 27,393
  88,987 1,257 90,244

Record of MECT

Number of exhibitors 349 365 464 444 457 477
Number of booths 1,178 1,490 1,747 1,915 1,933 1,941
Dates 10/14~
Number of visitors 90,920 83,057 93,741 94,124 92,305 90,244

Questionnaire of Visitors

84.0% of visitors "Very satisfied" and "Satisfied" MECT2019

Did you satisfy to visit at MECT2019?

This is the pie chart, which indicates how many visitors feel satisfied: 17.9% feels [Very Satisfied] and 52.6% feels [Satisfied].


  • I was very satisfied to see various machines even though my main purpose was to find the machine for capital investment.
  • I could find the products which would solve the problems at machining site.
  • It was very helpful to seeing how to use the “robot” at special program “concept zone”.
  • I want to make it use for my job what I learned in the seminar.
  • It was an interesting exhibition. I want to come again.

Where are you from?

The pie chart, showing the percentage of where the visitors came from.

What is your main purpose of visiting MECT 2019?

Most visitors came to MECT2019 to get new information.

What is your category of industry?

This is the pie chart, which indicates the percentage of the visitors' business: 23.4% is [Automobile/Parts] and 16.0% is [General Machines].

What is your job category?

This is the pie chart, showing that the leading job category of the visitors is manufacturing.

Questionnaire of Exhibitors

85% of exhibitors “would like to join the next MECT”

Would you like to join next MECT2021?

86% of the exhibitors think that they would like to join next MECT2019.


  • I could meet new customers at MECT.
  • I felt MECT was a local-oriented event by seeing advertising at the station on the Meitetsu line and the Aonami line.
  • I got confidence that the new products will be sold well in the future because the promotion went well at MECT.
  • Many visitors came to our booth after checking“ NEWS FLASH” on official website.
  • I was grateful that MECT official stuff dealed with our problem politely.

What is your purpose to exhibit at MECT2019?

This is the pie chart, which indicates that the leading exhibitors' purpose is their product promotion.

How do you measure your performance at MECT2019?

74% of the exhibitors feel that they could accomplish their purpose as they had expected.

How do you evaluate the number or visitors?

This is the pie chart, showing that how the exhibitors evaluate the number of visitors: 21% feel [Very Many] and 34% feel [Many].

How do you evaluate the result of MECT2019?

This is the pie chart, showing how exhibitors evaluate the result of MECT2019: 30% feel [Very Satisfied], and 41% feel [Satisfied].