Registration and ticket

  • Entrance is free for overseas visitors, students and invited guests.
  • A visitor pass is required to enter the venue.

Please register on the official website, print out the "visitor pass" and bring it to the venue.


Get the "visitor pass" by pre-registration Don’t forget to bring it to the venue

Please register on the official website. Print out the "visitor pass" sent by email after registration.

Pre-registration starts from September 1st!

Enter with "visitor pass"

Please bring the visitor pass on your visiting date. You can enter the venue procedur.

* If you have an invitation ticket, please bring it.

*The visitor pass holder is complimentary at the venue. The visitor pass is available through the event.

Registration site

Only available in Japanese


Port Messe Nagoya
(Nagoya Int’l Exhibition Hall)

2-2 Kinjyo-futo, Minato-ku, Nagoya, 455-0848, Japan


How to get there

About the facility

Nagoya International Exhibition Hall, commonly known as “Port Messe Nagoya,” is located in the southwest of Nagoya city. Aonami Line connects Nagoya Station with Kinjo-futo Station, the nearest staion to Port Messe Nagoya, and provides the most convenient access from Nagoya station to Port Messe Nagoya.