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Application to Exhibit

About Application closed

Since the number of the booth applied exceeded the venue capacity, the application of MECT2023 was closed at 17:00 on December 5 (Monday), 2023.Thank you very much for your registration.

Notice: The application which is not arrived at the show office on on December 5th is not available ever posted before deadline. We would appreciate for your understanding.

Application Outline

Application period

【Starting date of application】November 1, 2022 (Tue.) 【Closing date of application】February 28, 2023 (Tue.)

Even before the above closing date of application, acceptance of applications will be closed in the case where the originally prepared booth space has been sold out. For the closing of acceptance, you will be informed through the official website: mect-japan.com/2023.

The application of MECT2023 was closed at 17:00 on December 5 (Monday), 2023.

Schedule after closing of application

【February 28, 2023 (Tue.)】Closing of application 【Early June】Exhibitor meeting 【Mid July and later】Submission of various notification forms 【October 13(Fri) to 17 (Tue)】 Move-in period 【October 18(Wed) to 21 (Sat)】MECT2023 show period 【After the show hours and October 22 (Sun)】Move-out period

Application Procedure

Fill in all necessary items with an authorized signature on the application form (which also can be downloaded from the official site “mect-japan.com/2023”), and send it together with a business card of contact person to MECT Show Office at the following address by postal mail.

Please send the original form of the application to the above address and retain a copy on your side.

Send to News Digest Publishing Co., Ltd. (MECT Show Office)
3-5-3, Uchiyama, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, 464-0075, JAPAN
Download Application Form (PDF)

The personal information on various forms related event will not be used for anything other than this event and related services.

Adobe Reader software is required to view PDF files. It can be downloaded here.


Metal-cutting and forming machine tools, Injection molding machines, 3D printers, Tools for machines, Sawing blades, Cutting tools, Measuring equipment, Testing equipment, Grinding wheels, Polishing agent, Oil hydraulic, Water hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, Gears and gear-making equipment, Environment preservation and safety equipment, CAD/CAM/CAE/CAT systems, Control devices and related software, Industrial robots, Transfer equipment, Washing/cleaning machines, Quality control/Safety/Testing certification services, New materials, Micro-machines, nanotechnology-related equipment, etc.

Any item that is deemed by the organizer as unsuitable for the exhibition may be refused for exhibit.

Booth size and fee

Exhibition fee

Booth dimensions One booth(2,970×2,970mm)
Rental fee 310,000 yen(+ tax per booth)
※The fee has been revised from this exhibition.

Special discount

The following special discounts are applied to large exhibit space(10 or more booths).

10 to 19 booths 5-% discount on total booth fee
20 to 39 booths 10-% discount on total booth fee
40 booths or more 15-% discount on total booth fee

Items included in booth fee

  1. Exhibit space available during show period and move-in/out periods.
  2. Booth partition panel
    Partition panels will be provided to clearly divide individual exhibitor’s exhibit space. They will not be installed on the passageside. When the partition panel is installed, the exhibit space will become narrower by the thickness of the panel.
  3. Exhibitor ID cards, which are valid during the exhibition period and move-in/out period (The number of cards to be provided depends on the number of reserved booths.)
  4. Promotion tools (The number of tools to be provided depends on the number of reserved booths.)
  5. Publication of exhibitor information on the exhibitor list and official website.

Additional paid services (if requested)

  1. Electrical (usage fee, etc.), plumbing, air supply, telephone/internet linkage, and floor repair services
  2. Usage of conference rooms, business negotiation rooms, and stock rooms
  3. Rental of desks, chairs, etc.
  4. Special decoration, transfer or insurance services
  5. Registration cost for co-exhibitors
  6. Other fee-based services offered by the organizer

After applying

Payment for exhibit fee

Upon receipt of the exhibition application, the organizer will charge half of the exhibit fee to the applicant as an application fee. The applicant should pay the amount to the prescribed account number. On or after May 1, 2023, the organizer will invoice the applicant for the remaining half of the exhibit fee (the total minus the application fee). The exhibition contract will be formally concluded with the payment for the remaining exhibition fee completed.

The payment shall be made through bank transfer, and the transfer payment receipt is considered as a formal receipt slip, which shall be retained by the applicant. The bank transfer fee shall be borne by the applicants.

Bank account Bank account SWIFT code BOTKJPJT
Bank Account No. 520841
Bank name MUFG Bank, Ltd. HIGASHI BRANCH
Bank address 15-30, Tokugawa 1-chome, Higashi-ku, Nagoya, Japan
Account holder’s name NEWS DIGEST PUBLISHING CO., LTD.
Payment deadline Within one month from invoice date

Cancellation or plan change request by applicants

Applicants wishing to cancel or change their exhibit space are requested to notify the Show Office immediately in writing. In the event of the cancellation or change of exhibit space after the closing date of application, the following cancellation fee or penalty charge will be demanded. For the details, see the figure on the right.

  • Until the closing date of application (Feb.28, 2023)…no cancellation fee
  • After the closing date of application (Mar. 1, 2023)…20% of exhibit fee
  • After the Exhibitor Meeting (in early June 2023)…100% of exhibit fee
Cancellation or plan change request by applicants

Other various rules

  1. Adjustment of the number of booths

    If the total number of booths requested by all applicants exceeds the capacity of individual exhibition halls, the requested number of booths will be adjusted by the organizer based on individual exhibitor's previous exhibition records, etc. Also there may be cases where the Show Office will reject the exhibit application for the same reason. When the organizer needs to adjust the numbers of booths requested by some applicants, the relevant applicants will be informed by the Show Office in writing.

  2. Booth space allocation

    Exhibit booth space will be allocated by the organizer after due consideration of the product categories, structure of the exhibition grounds, and various other factors. It should be noted that exhibitors are not allowed to make any request for their positions of exhibit space. The floor plan will be announced at the Exhibitor Meeting to be held in the middle of June 2023.

  3. Demonstration

    Demonstrations of exhibits shall be carefully performed without causing any trouble to visitors and other exhibitors, with safety ensured. Individual exhibitors are responsible for solving any problems concerning damage or losses they caused to any third party during their demonstrations. As the need arises, the organizer may put limitations on or put a stop to demonstrations of exhibits for the purpose of ensuring safety.

  4. Cancellation of exhibition due to natural disasters, epidemics or other force majeure

    If the organizer judges that it is difficult to hold or continue the exhibition due to natural disasters or other force majeure, the organizer may change the exhibition period or cancel the exhibition. In the case of cancellation, the organizer will determine an equitable basis for the refund of such portion of the exhibit fee after deducting expenditures and commitments already made. However, the organizer assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever related to any loss caused by the cancellation.

  5. Security of exhibits

    The Show Office will make the best efforts to ensure security of the entire show site by hiring a security guard. However, the organizer assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever related to damage to exhibits or any materials left in exhibit booths due to natural disaster, accidental force, theft, loss, etc., which are beyond its control. Exhibitors shall take necessary measures, including insurance, to protect their own exhibits from potential risks throughout the entire process, such as transportation, installation, assembling, disassembling and removal before, during and after the show period.

  6. Co-exhibitors

    An exhibitor who wishes to register as a co-exhibitor declares it to the Show Office. The maximum number of co-exhibitors to be registered is limited to the total number of booths purchased by each exhibitor. Co-exhibit registraion fee is 15,000 yen per one company.

    • (1)Definitions of a co-exhibitor

      A company which falls under all the conditions specified in the following ① to ③ are deemed as a co-exhibitor.

      1. Exhibiting with another company (lead exhibitor) in the same booth but not making a direct contract with the organizer for the booth space.
      2. Displaying its own products (corresponding to "Eligibility” in this Application Outline) in the booth space.
      3. Having its staff attending the booth.
    • (2)Collateral condition for co-exhibitors

      Co-exhibitors’ company names and exhibits information will be posted on the website, printed matter, etc. as shown in the table below. However, any booth number and brochures or tools for drawing visitors will not be provided to co-exhibitors.

      Information and tools Co-exhibitor
      Company names on website, printed matters, etc.
      (official website, guidebook, visitor brochure, and on-site floor plan board)
      Individual information posted on official website and guidebook
      Booth number ×
      (Same as the lead exhibitor’s number)
      Provision of brochures or tools for drawing visitors
      (visitor invitation cards, official pamphlets, posters and envelopes)
      (To be provided to only the lead exhibitor)
    • (3)Registraion schedule

      Please fill out the attached co-exhibitor application form and send it to the Show Office.

    • (4)Payment for registration fee

      After the application form for co-exhibitor is received and approved by the organizer, the registration fee will be billed to the lead exhibitor: (15,000 yen per one company).

      The payment shall be made through bank transfer, and the transfer payment receipt is considered as a formal receipt slip, which shall be retained by the applicant. The bank transfer fee shall be borne by the applicants.

    • (5)Important notes
      1. The co-exhibitor shall be registered with the company name, not any brand name.
      2. The registration fee will be charged to the lead (representative) exhibitor after the organizer approves the registration of the co-exhibitor.
      3. All the various procedures including application for the co-exhibitor registration shall be taken by the lead exhibitor.
      4. The maximum number of co-exhibitors to be registered is limited to the total number of booths purchased by each exhibitor.
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